April Favorites

  1. NCAA Gymnastics Regionals
    1. I finally got to go to my first gymnastics meet and I got to go with some of my good friends!
  2. Having mom visit
    1. We always have a good time when she comes to visit.
  3. Easter weekend
    1. Being able to come home for 5 days and to be able to see the entire family is something that doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s the best time
  4. My new inhaler
    1. Ever since we got back from spring break my breathing had gotten worse, to the point where my lane buddy was scared for me (lol sorry Kasey) but I went and got a new inhaler and it seems to be working a lot better for me now
  5. Life Talks
    1. This month seemed to be the month of life talks. Whether these talks were with teammates or friends, they all seemed to happen at just the right time. I am so thankful to be able to have genuine conversations with people.
  6. My friends
    1. Being in offseason and actually being able to hang out with friends is the best thing ever, especially when you have friends like I have.
  7. Being in the finals for the community service award
    1. Knowing that the many emails and phone calls paid off feels good.
  8. Moving home
    1. I am so relieved to finally be back home. I cannot wait for all of the exciting things that will happen this summer.
  9. Finding out that I made top 30 for the swimming world magazine internship
  10. Moving home

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