May Favorites

  • Being back with my club team
    • There’s something about being back with my club team that makes swimming more fun. Being back at the place where it all started is inspiring and humbling.
  • New Friends
    • There’s nothing better than meeting new people and connecting with them.
  • Swimming in a meet
    • I swam my first meet this month, although it was long course and I’m still pretty out of shape, being able to race for the first time since NECs was refreshing.
  • Baby sitting Bella
    • I am so thankful that I have gotten to spend so much time with Bella since I have been home. While away at school there is always an overwhelming sense of missing out on so much. Being able to be home and experience her growth and accomplishments means the world to me.
  • Nice weather
    • Although, the nice days have been very few, being able to enjoy the nice weather and not worry about making it to class or workouts is a great feeling.
  • New Books
    • I haven’t spent a lot of time reading this summer, but I did start a new book which I have been thoroughly enjoying.

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