Camp Whatcha Wanna Do

I went to summer camp and it changed my life. For seven days, I was working with kids who have cancer, or have had cancer, and their friends and siblings. Going into the week I had extreme anxiety and doubt that I would be cut out to spend a week at a summer camp (my first summer camp) with people I didn’t know. However, this wasn’t the case. It was the best week I have had in a long time. From new friends and new experiences, this is a week I won’t forget.

Throughout the week I was faced with trying new things, and new food. I was able to work with two YMCA counselors in the rifle range, and even got to shoot one day. Although I was a terrible shot, it was fun to try shooting in a different setting, as well as working with counselors who were from other countries and different backgrounds.

Throughout the week I was able to talk with my campers and learn more about them. However, learning about them and their stories led me to learn more about myself and how I feel about certain situations. One conversation sticks out specifically. When I lost my hair I literally refused to brush is for 22 months once it grew back. Along with not brushing my hair, I refused to cut it as well. I thought I was weird and sometimes I thought I was being over dramatic about it. However, camp taught me that I wasn’t the only to experience feelings like this. This is just a simple example of how camp has changed me. If I had not been at this camp on that specific day, I could have gone on for years and years feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

The amount of support and love that was felt at camp is something I can’t explain. To have been able to be apart of this camp was one of my greatest decisions.

Until there’s a cure, there’s a camp.


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