June favorites

  • Having fun with swimming
    • It’s been a long time since I could say that I have had fun with swimming. Being home and swimming with Irish Aquatics again has been the best thing for my swimming.
  • Interviewing Tim welsh
    • It’s not everyday that you get to work alongside such a successful swim coach. Being able to spend a few minutes talking with Tim and learning about how he got to where he is today was such a cool experience.
  • Lansing Michigan
    • What a weekend this was. Being able to go to michigan for the weekend and have fun was exactly what I needed. It didn’t hurt that I didn’t have to make that trip by myself.
  • Camp Whatcha Wanna Do
    • This week at camp was the most incredible experience. Having this camp be my first ever summer camp was the best thing possible. I also met some incredible people here too.
  • Being home for Father’s Day
    • I missed father’s day last year due to being on vacation. Being able to be home and celebrate with my dad, brother in law, and grandpa was great.
  • FaceTime Dates
    • This past school year was the best when it came to friendships. I created strong bonds with many people and being able to catch up over the summer has been great, and much needed.
  • Spontaneous date weekends
    • When date nights turn into 3 day date weekends, life is good
  • Trying/doing new things
    • I wanted to make 2017 a year of trying new things. While at school it was hard to do new things. With swimming all the time and living in the middle of nowhere, it was almost impossible. Being home, I have been able to go to new places and try new things.
  • Being able to experience Bella’s “1st” with her
    • Being able to spend time with Bella and be there for some her “first” time things is a fun experience that I have been trying to take advantage of as much as possible before leaving for college in the fall
  • USA Swimming Nationals
    • I was finally able to see the best swimmers in the world compete live. This was the best day ever

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