July Favorites

  • US Nationals
    • Starting the month off in Indy watching the best swimmers do their thing was the best possible start to the month
  • Catching up with former coaches
    • While in Indy I was able to see a former coach whom I haven’t seen in five years. Although, it was a brief encounter, it was awesome to see him, especially back in Indiana.
  • July of 4th weekend
    • Having spent the weekend with family was the best possible thing ever. I had a lot of fun
  • Spending five days with Sam
    • Having Sam not kill me after five days was a cool thing.
  • Swimming my last meet representing Irish Aquatics
    • Although this was sad, it was also exciting to close on door and open the other. I am officially now just a coach at IA and I can’t wait to see where it brings me
  • Having completed another season of coaching green group for IA
    • Seeing the kids improve every day is a rewarding feeling even on the days where they have 100 times more energy than me
  • Writing my last Swimming World Magazine article
    • This internship was a lot of fun and I learned so much. It also helped to solidify my passion for writing.
  • 2017 US Secret Classic
    • Being able to go to my first elite gymnastics meet was such a cool experience.
  • Chicago trip
    • Being in (just outside of) chicago to visit family was a nice treat, especially when I miss all of the birthday parties while at school

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